Saturday, 25 February 2012

Triumph of The Thinkers

Sometimes our life plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace. We might be tired and tedious of it. However, be thankful to ALLAH as everything can becomes and turns into a reward. As long as our heart is as white as snow, our intentions are pure, everything that goes in our ways can become an incentives and rewards for us to achieve our main goal and target, which is to be able to meet our ONE and ONLY CREATOR! The ONE who gives us the opportunity to have this life in the first place. We should always be very thankful and grateful to HIM.

Guess what? First and foremost, before I begin posting more articles, I will first explain, why I chose Triumph of The Thinkers as title of my first post. Surely, each and everyone of us will have their own brilliant opinions, thus, I too will surely had my own. Triumph literally means huge and remarkable success. While thinkers means those who use their brain, and all others senses to have an idea of their surroundings. Indeed! This is merely my own translation of these words.

As for that, I hope there will be someone out there who will open their heart, eyes and minds for what I will be writing soon after. Men and women from EARTH, not from other planets, ^_^ can you see all those magnificent, truly magical environment which surrounds us? The sun which shine brightly upon us, gives us heat and light energy, which actually just consists of numerous hydrogen atoms, far from the earth, but still shine so bright and pure. Isn't it wicked? How on earth can it be happening? Besides, it arises for several hours each day following its schedule. It  will not shine on the night, the time when people rest and sleep. Can anyone out there create this superb creation? Surely those who can will be able to build a new planet too. Even the whole universe!

NO! It is not only about the SUN! There are many things out there which is just unthinkable, truly outstanding creations! Even a robot which is a one of the marvelous creations of humankind had its creator. Indeed, surely  the universe which is far greater than robot or other human creations have their own creator. Even us , a complex creation which have a huge amount of miracles which circulate and live inside our body from the day before we are born.

Had I bring all of you inside a room, turned off the light, and suddenly a replica of the universe which consists of planets, sun, and moons which rotates around each others in a beautiful, organized pattern without ever colliding with each others. I bet all of you will be amazed during that very instance. And if there is someone of you asks me, who did it, and I simply answered it had just happened by itself. How will you feel? Surely you must be dissatisfied , and did not trust me. That true art must be build or created by a person. SO! If a replica was created by itself had made you amazed and believed there must be a creator of such a great replica, it is totally true if I said that there is also a God who owns and creates all the creatures in this world, in fact, even all the universe and its contents.