Monday, 19 March 2012

Tired of working? Try reading this to boost your spirit.

Indeed, we do work for our living, strive for our life! and some of us might even be the sole breadwinner of the family! Even if we haven't get to work, even we are still students, scholars, we still have to deliver our result, while giving to the community in the same time. Yes! True! We only have 24/7. But that should never be a limitation, a border for us to become a student 24/7 or a tireless worker 24/7. I wonder if there is one who really did that 24/7......

Rest? Yeah, we still get and be able to rest despite being a workaholic, as there is actually enough time in a day to do all kinds of work and still have an adequate rest. The most important thing is TIME MANAGEMENT!!! I really can't stress how much this mean to us. Did you ever read or perhaps heard about legendary and extraordinary people with a first sight, look identical to all of us? So, what does this means?! It means that all of us despite where we are, when do we live, how we are raised, we can still change or life, thus, changes others life and eventually changes the world!

Why do we have to give to the community? Why do we have to work? Why? Why? Why? People keep asking all these questions... OK, let me ask you. Don't we desire for success? And what about triumph? Do we really enjoy being the worst of the worsts? Feeling happy dwelling in the bottom and feeling rather tension and worried to be at the peak and summit? It is just natural to become the best we can be.

To realize this ambition and dream of us, nevertheless, we have to strive hard and smart. OK, you must be wondering, why must I give to the community? Or perhaps, you may be saying, I will not benefit a single thing by doing that. TOTALLY WRONG!!! It is the utmost important thing to give to the community. Can we live alone in this enormous world? NEVER! Our community is truly important for all of us, thus, we have to live together happily in order to be successful in this world and hereafter. Why hereafter? Because, for those who believe in it, all people will be judged, and they will get their justice, and their rights. So, if we didn't do our duty or responsibility towards them, definitely we will be asked. And if we failed to answer it, real bad things will be happening upon us.

Let us get to the 2nd question.

Why do we have to work? Can't we just live aimlessly?

Well, what a pity... We might have a better world if all of us work to realize that dream. Then, we can all benefit from it together. That's why a great team in sports, had a very good teamwork and achieve lots of trophies. They will never be able to do it by a single player, no matter how good is that player. Tell me if there is history of one such story. I will be glad to listen to it :) (this is also a reason of giving to the community- to strengthen our relationship and achieve great things together which can never be achieve by one, single person).

Besides, I did mention of the word hereafter beforehand. The greatest success is the triumph in the hereafter. Why? Because it is eternal. This life in this world is rather short, but in it lies a very great and important thing, which is, a vessel for the hereafter. By dedicating all of our work for Allah, the one and only God, Muslims believe in, we can get double the benefit. Benefit of success in this world and success in the hereafter too. Double the benefit double the fun! :D Who will dislike if their employer wanted and insisted to double his wages but rather say, "this amount of wage is enough for me, i don't need more". HILARIOUS!!!

Yes, we do feel tired after this hard work, but, we must never give up and leave it cause we do it because of Allah, and if we do it because of Him, we must always try the very best in all our actions and works. Insya-Allah we will be highly rewarded, if not in this world, in the hereafter, biiznillah.

Monday, 5 March 2012

A dream of mine

It was my childhood days when I said it... "I want to be the prime minister in Malaysia to change today's community." However since I last said it, I started to have a change of heart. After thorough listening to people from all walks of life who said, "politics are dirty" . I began searching back for myself afterwards. 

That was the time. I am sure of it! That night when I turned on my TV set, there was a quite interesting story for people of my age. Soon I found the story to be named as Batman. I was able to differentiate the mere fantasy and the true reality, so, I guessed I was above 10 years old. What did I get or learn from that story? THAT IS THE CORRECT QUESTION!

YES! TRUE! I still share that ambition until now. I had wished to become more or less like Batman! Not because of his ruined personality, but because of his creations! His inventions! It was pure genius! It was also said in the story that all the inventions was built or created by a scientist or perhaps more appropriate if I call, inventor. He said that he studied a branch of science , which was named as applied science. Furthermore, I wanted to be a HERO like him too! The savior of Islamic world! I found that this profession was able to carry my ambition, which is to revive the glory and triumphant of Islam, or some would rather called it, the Golden days of Muslims. :)

I was not quite sure if there was that branch or not, thus I went to the state library nearby. I was amazed and glad that there is one! I quickly took one or two of the book/books from that pile of books and dashed to the unoccupied chairs and table nearby. My heart was full of joy at that time, my eyes were brighter than the suns, I was really on top of the world at that time. Then, I flipped the book with incredible speed, know why? There are a few reasons,  but me, myself had forgotten about some of them. But what I do remember is because of my anxiousness and happiness, besides I was not able to  understand the explanation and arts of the creations. Guess that I am not that genius rite? :)

It was years after that, I happened to watch a story which tells me that a brave and strong heart can lift your ambition, the ambition of becoming a hero or savior! It certainly blazed my spirit , soul and passion! Then again, the cycle repeated, I was not able to do anything despite having a great passion. I had not achieve the skills, knowledge and wealth, the foundations of becoming a successful inventor.

I was a little disappointed when my parents asked me to become either a doctor or a dentist, despite my clear intentions that I want to be a businessman to give foundation to revival of Islam, then learning the techniques of crafting a machine or taking the applied science studies to be able to create unimaginable artistic inventions for the benefit of Islam, though I would had to get a large sum of money to be able to do that. But, soon, I was able to accept that an ambition is an ambition! No one can stop it from realizing that dream of mine!

I was able to retrieve back my confidence when I heard a story. There was someone who wanted to build a place or rather an enormous site to assemble the skilled scientists or proficient inventors of Islam throughout the whole world, in order to revive Islam to its rightful place. However, that person ambition, thought or plan was disrupted by another who stopped the realization of it. It was sad really.

Soon after, I had my thought, I can actually be the one who pursue that person dream, it can still be realized. Suddenly, that belief made me feel that my dream is still in my grasp. Even becoming a doctor like that person(the person I mentioned earlier is actually a doctor), can still achieve that dream. It just slipped away from him at the eleventh hour. So, if he can, why can't I?

Last but not least, the reason I started to scratch this piece of poor writing was because I hoped and craved for the dream to become reality. I knew that I can't achieve it alone, thus, I thought that it might be better if I share this dream of mine with others. This is my vessel to tell the world.

P/s: I am now more open-minded and know that despite the cons of becoming a prime minister or politician, which are exposed to many evil and wicked things, you yourself can resist that temptation, in the end, it comes to you. The power is in your hands. And I also found that by becoming a doctor, by watching people died from day to day, can make you realize that we are mortal and will die eventually, thus, we must make enough preparations for the hereafter or the judgement day. All professions has his own pros and cons. An infinite gratitude and appreciation I bid to all those who taught me lessons and good things which make me what I am now. And may this post benefit me and all of you. Wallahua'lam...  

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Have you ever heard of the poem which was written by the one of the most prolific and influential writer ever in world history? It started with this verse. (To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow)
I remember that many of us had been familiar with this poem. I, myself, pretty much would love to bring all of you –readers, to reflect for a second or two, about this poem, and take the lessons provided from this wonderful and exciting poem.
First and foremost, us, going to be Muslim doctors should be able to lead the life apart from the horrible and disastrous life as told from this poem; The way to dusty death, Life’s but a walking shadow.
As a Muslim, we should strive to the fullest and bring the best from us! No matter how deep is the sea, we should dive and explore it, no matter how high the mountain is, we should climb and conquer it, no matter how tough and hard the day is, find the best way to unlock the riddle and mystery behind it, then triumph the day as a Muslim warrior.

The world is like
 a grand staircase, some are going up and some are going down . – Samuel Johnson.
We will ever be a part of it, but REMEMBER! Allah knows the best for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.”… But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” 2:216
Somehow, it can be arduous and laboring for us to do a nice thing, while it is very tempting, appealing and alluring to become a devil’s servant. Or, in other words, to do evil and wicked affairs.
Well, I would like to share you this thought. The thought that we are dying for every time passing by. We will eventually meet ALLAH’s the almighty. We will even be judged for each and every single thing we had done in this mortal world. Can you do bad things at the thought that your Creator is observing you and you will be punished dearly for your actions?
Let us revive the glory of Islam! To do that, we must first start with ourselves. As the saying goes, “if you want to change the world, start with yourself.” Caitlin Flaherty.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi. If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. Not only because you are now viewing your environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn’t have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in your old thought patterns.


Thursday, 1 March 2012


Alhamdulillah, as for today, our heart can still pumps, eyes can still see, ears can still hear, mouth can still talks, and many others nikmat (gift) Allah, the greatest of all had given us.

Today I feel sorrow, and despair as my body does not allow me to do lots of things for Allah, then, I remembered how I dearly missing all the past hours I spent ineffectively. I wished that I will not repeat it again. Though we humans tend to make mistakes, repent, and do it again, the cycle continues, however, I still believe that we have the utmost power to control ourselves, after Allah surely.

"Self conquest is the greatest of all victories" Plato. This quote really emphasizes us to gain control of our own body and actions. We need to be focus in all times and places, no matter how hard and difficult life can gets. Always remember Allah will always be with us. He is the best guardian, he is our hero and savior. Never lose hope in Allah. There is no greater power than Him.

Despite the condition and weakness of this body, during our ill and sick times, we still have to try to get up and pray to Allah to gives us healthiness and may our sickness becomes an absolution for all evil and bad things we had done before, besides contributing to society. Perhaps, this is a test from Him to know how strong we are holding onto Islam, the true religion of all. Narrated by Abu Huraira radhiallahu 'anh, that the Prophet shallallahu' alaihi wasallam said: When Allah intends good to you, He will test it with difficulties .. (from what I understand)

Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested.( Surah Al- Ankabut Verse 2)

Besides, we should always look to those people below us, which may increase our thankfulness to Allah. We will never ever be tested more than our capabilities.

(23:62) We do not burden anyone with more than he can bear.

We should also look to those below us, not to look to those above us, thus we will be more thankful to Him. If we look at the current community, we can see that there are many people who are tested with a bigger and huge test compared to us, even so, they are also tested within their limitations. Allah knows better. So, never feel angry or disappointed with our tests, however, we should always hope that with every test makes us a better man, better Muslim. From Abu Hurayrah radhiallahu anhu said: Messenger of Allah alaihi wasallam shallallahu said:
انظروا إلى من أسفل منكم ولا تنظروا إلى من هو فوقكم فهو أجدر أن لا تزدروا نعمة الله
"Look who is under you, do not look those above you, the more will it make you belittle the grace of God." (HR. Muslim no. 5264) (from what I understand)

I remembered when I was young, I used to go for morning lectures at the mosque. There, I learned something valuable and precious. It is a story about sahabat of the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. Sahabat will be deeply worried, if they are healthy and fit for a whole week, they worried if Allah had forgot about them, and they really keep the words of the prophet in their heart, "for every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief or pain that happen to a Muslim , even poked wound, Allah will remove his sins. ( from what I understand) in another hadith, Ibn Mas'ud radhiallahu 'ANH said: I visited the Prophet during his illness. I said, "O Messenger of Allah, you have high fever!" He shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said, "My fever is two times (greater) than you .." I asked, "Is it because you get twice the reward?" Answer him "True .. There is no pain-stricken Muslims - even if only due to being poked wound - but God will remove his sins because of the pain, and his sins fall ironically such as leaves off a tree .. " (from my understanding)

Furthermore, when we are not in our best condition, we might be remembering Him more than when we are healthy and fit. Thus, it might be a gift which we might not know about it. There are 5 things that we must remember before 5 other things. They are, healthy before sick, young before old, rich before poor, free before tight, alive before dead. When we are still healthy, young, rich, free, and alive, give contributions to others and get nearer to Allah as we may not get the chance afterwards. Think about it.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Triumph of The Thinkers

Sometimes our life plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace. We might be tired and tedious of it. However, be thankful to ALLAH as everything can becomes and turns into a reward. As long as our heart is as white as snow, our intentions are pure, everything that goes in our ways can become an incentives and rewards for us to achieve our main goal and target, which is to be able to meet our ONE and ONLY CREATOR! The ONE who gives us the opportunity to have this life in the first place. We should always be very thankful and grateful to HIM.

Guess what? First and foremost, before I begin posting more articles, I will first explain, why I chose Triumph of The Thinkers as title of my first post. Surely, each and everyone of us will have their own brilliant opinions, thus, I too will surely had my own. Triumph literally means huge and remarkable success. While thinkers means those who use their brain, and all others senses to have an idea of their surroundings. Indeed! This is merely my own translation of these words.

As for that, I hope there will be someone out there who will open their heart, eyes and minds for what I will be writing soon after. Men and women from EARTH, not from other planets, ^_^ can you see all those magnificent, truly magical environment which surrounds us? The sun which shine brightly upon us, gives us heat and light energy, which actually just consists of numerous hydrogen atoms, far from the earth, but still shine so bright and pure. Isn't it wicked? How on earth can it be happening? Besides, it arises for several hours each day following its schedule. It  will not shine on the night, the time when people rest and sleep. Can anyone out there create this superb creation? Surely those who can will be able to build a new planet too. Even the whole universe!

NO! It is not only about the SUN! There are many things out there which is just unthinkable, truly outstanding creations! Even a robot which is a one of the marvelous creations of humankind had its creator. Indeed, surely  the universe which is far greater than robot or other human creations have their own creator. Even us , a complex creation which have a huge amount of miracles which circulate and live inside our body from the day before we are born.

Had I bring all of you inside a room, turned off the light, and suddenly a replica of the universe which consists of planets, sun, and moons which rotates around each others in a beautiful, organized pattern without ever colliding with each others. I bet all of you will be amazed during that very instance. And if there is someone of you asks me, who did it, and I simply answered it had just happened by itself. How will you feel? Surely you must be dissatisfied , and did not trust me. That true art must be build or created by a person. SO! If a replica was created by itself had made you amazed and believed there must be a creator of such a great replica, it is totally true if I said that there is also a God who owns and creates all the creatures in this world, in fact, even all the universe and its contents.