Monday, 5 March 2012

A dream of mine

It was my childhood days when I said it... "I want to be the prime minister in Malaysia to change today's community." However since I last said it, I started to have a change of heart. After thorough listening to people from all walks of life who said, "politics are dirty" . I began searching back for myself afterwards. 

That was the time. I am sure of it! That night when I turned on my TV set, there was a quite interesting story for people of my age. Soon I found the story to be named as Batman. I was able to differentiate the mere fantasy and the true reality, so, I guessed I was above 10 years old. What did I get or learn from that story? THAT IS THE CORRECT QUESTION!

YES! TRUE! I still share that ambition until now. I had wished to become more or less like Batman! Not because of his ruined personality, but because of his creations! His inventions! It was pure genius! It was also said in the story that all the inventions was built or created by a scientist or perhaps more appropriate if I call, inventor. He said that he studied a branch of science , which was named as applied science. Furthermore, I wanted to be a HERO like him too! The savior of Islamic world! I found that this profession was able to carry my ambition, which is to revive the glory and triumphant of Islam, or some would rather called it, the Golden days of Muslims. :)

I was not quite sure if there was that branch or not, thus I went to the state library nearby. I was amazed and glad that there is one! I quickly took one or two of the book/books from that pile of books and dashed to the unoccupied chairs and table nearby. My heart was full of joy at that time, my eyes were brighter than the suns, I was really on top of the world at that time. Then, I flipped the book with incredible speed, know why? There are a few reasons,  but me, myself had forgotten about some of them. But what I do remember is because of my anxiousness and happiness, besides I was not able to  understand the explanation and arts of the creations. Guess that I am not that genius rite? :)

It was years after that, I happened to watch a story which tells me that a brave and strong heart can lift your ambition, the ambition of becoming a hero or savior! It certainly blazed my spirit , soul and passion! Then again, the cycle repeated, I was not able to do anything despite having a great passion. I had not achieve the skills, knowledge and wealth, the foundations of becoming a successful inventor.

I was a little disappointed when my parents asked me to become either a doctor or a dentist, despite my clear intentions that I want to be a businessman to give foundation to revival of Islam, then learning the techniques of crafting a machine or taking the applied science studies to be able to create unimaginable artistic inventions for the benefit of Islam, though I would had to get a large sum of money to be able to do that. But, soon, I was able to accept that an ambition is an ambition! No one can stop it from realizing that dream of mine!

I was able to retrieve back my confidence when I heard a story. There was someone who wanted to build a place or rather an enormous site to assemble the skilled scientists or proficient inventors of Islam throughout the whole world, in order to revive Islam to its rightful place. However, that person ambition, thought or plan was disrupted by another who stopped the realization of it. It was sad really.

Soon after, I had my thought, I can actually be the one who pursue that person dream, it can still be realized. Suddenly, that belief made me feel that my dream is still in my grasp. Even becoming a doctor like that person(the person I mentioned earlier is actually a doctor), can still achieve that dream. It just slipped away from him at the eleventh hour. So, if he can, why can't I?

Last but not least, the reason I started to scratch this piece of poor writing was because I hoped and craved for the dream to become reality. I knew that I can't achieve it alone, thus, I thought that it might be better if I share this dream of mine with others. This is my vessel to tell the world.

P/s: I am now more open-minded and know that despite the cons of becoming a prime minister or politician, which are exposed to many evil and wicked things, you yourself can resist that temptation, in the end, it comes to you. The power is in your hands. And I also found that by becoming a doctor, by watching people died from day to day, can make you realize that we are mortal and will die eventually, thus, we must make enough preparations for the hereafter or the judgement day. All professions has his own pros and cons. An infinite gratitude and appreciation I bid to all those who taught me lessons and good things which make me what I am now. And may this post benefit me and all of you. Wallahua'lam...  


  1. thanks :) any suggestions to improve this blog is very much appreciated :)

  2. Rogayah Mohamed Said14 March 2012 at 21:16

    Alhamdulillah! Well said and nicely written. Being a doctor is a noble job and it doesn't stop you from achieving ur 'ambition'. You r what u think! Take care ....