Monday, 19 March 2012

Tired of working? Try reading this to boost your spirit.

Indeed, we do work for our living, strive for our life! and some of us might even be the sole breadwinner of the family! Even if we haven't get to work, even we are still students, scholars, we still have to deliver our result, while giving to the community in the same time. Yes! True! We only have 24/7. But that should never be a limitation, a border for us to become a student 24/7 or a tireless worker 24/7. I wonder if there is one who really did that 24/7......

Rest? Yeah, we still get and be able to rest despite being a workaholic, as there is actually enough time in a day to do all kinds of work and still have an adequate rest. The most important thing is TIME MANAGEMENT!!! I really can't stress how much this mean to us. Did you ever read or perhaps heard about legendary and extraordinary people with a first sight, look identical to all of us? So, what does this means?! It means that all of us despite where we are, when do we live, how we are raised, we can still change or life, thus, changes others life and eventually changes the world!

Why do we have to give to the community? Why do we have to work? Why? Why? Why? People keep asking all these questions... OK, let me ask you. Don't we desire for success? And what about triumph? Do we really enjoy being the worst of the worsts? Feeling happy dwelling in the bottom and feeling rather tension and worried to be at the peak and summit? It is just natural to become the best we can be.

To realize this ambition and dream of us, nevertheless, we have to strive hard and smart. OK, you must be wondering, why must I give to the community? Or perhaps, you may be saying, I will not benefit a single thing by doing that. TOTALLY WRONG!!! It is the utmost important thing to give to the community. Can we live alone in this enormous world? NEVER! Our community is truly important for all of us, thus, we have to live together happily in order to be successful in this world and hereafter. Why hereafter? Because, for those who believe in it, all people will be judged, and they will get their justice, and their rights. So, if we didn't do our duty or responsibility towards them, definitely we will be asked. And if we failed to answer it, real bad things will be happening upon us.

Let us get to the 2nd question.

Why do we have to work? Can't we just live aimlessly?

Well, what a pity... We might have a better world if all of us work to realize that dream. Then, we can all benefit from it together. That's why a great team in sports, had a very good teamwork and achieve lots of trophies. They will never be able to do it by a single player, no matter how good is that player. Tell me if there is history of one such story. I will be glad to listen to it :) (this is also a reason of giving to the community- to strengthen our relationship and achieve great things together which can never be achieve by one, single person).

Besides, I did mention of the word hereafter beforehand. The greatest success is the triumph in the hereafter. Why? Because it is eternal. This life in this world is rather short, but in it lies a very great and important thing, which is, a vessel for the hereafter. By dedicating all of our work for Allah, the one and only God, Muslims believe in, we can get double the benefit. Benefit of success in this world and success in the hereafter too. Double the benefit double the fun! :D Who will dislike if their employer wanted and insisted to double his wages but rather say, "this amount of wage is enough for me, i don't need more". HILARIOUS!!!

Yes, we do feel tired after this hard work, but, we must never give up and leave it cause we do it because of Allah, and if we do it because of Him, we must always try the very best in all our actions and works. Insya-Allah we will be highly rewarded, if not in this world, in the hereafter, biiznillah.

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